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Violin Pickup

KNA VV-1 Detachable Passive Piezo Pickup for Violin and Viola VV-1 - Works-Issue


1/4 Inch Side Mount Carpenter Jack For Violin Pickup.


Barcus-Berry 1320 Violin Piezo Bridge Pickup w/Side-Mount 1/4" Carpenter Jack


Barcus-Berry 3100 Clamp-on Violin Bridge Pickup w/Side-Mount Carpenter Jack NEW!


Violin Pickup and Mount


Barcus-Berry 3100 Clamp-On Violin Bridge Piezo Pickup with Output Jack


Electric Violin Silent EQ Pickup Piezo with Headphone and Plug Hole Cable Set


Echosonic Passive Transducer Pickup for Banjo, Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, EPT-1


Fishman V-200 Classic Series Professional Violin Pickup


1x Electric Violin Pickup Bridge Preamp Set for 4/4 Violin Instrument Parts


LR Baggs Violin Piezo Replacement Bridge Pickup Only, Jack Not Included, NEW!


Electric Violin EQ Preamp Pickup Transducer with Piezo Violin Fiddle Parts


Kremona KNA VV-1 Portable Detachable Passive Piezo Pickup for Violin


Piezo Pickup Transducer For Acoustic Guitar Violin Ukulele Mandolin Parts


10 Pieces Black Profession Violin Cello Clip On Piezo Pickup Transducer


NEW 4/4 Ebony Electric Violin w/Pickup -Black & Style1


Pro Piezo Contact Microphone Mic Pickup For Guitar Violin Banjo Ukulele Mandolin


Fishman V-200 Violin Wing Slot Piezo Bridge Pickup w/Side-Mounted Carpenter Jack


K&K Sound Violinissimo Violin/Viola Three Sensor Pickup w/Side-Mounted RCA Jack


Fishman Piezo Ceramic Pickup for Violin and Viola




LR Baggs Violin Pickup with Carpenter Jack


Schatten VVM-2 Pro Violin/Viola Stick-on Pickup w/Side-Mount Jack, Volume NEW!


Elite V-101 Violin Bridge Pickup with Side-Mounted Clamp-on 1/4" Jack, NEW!


Barcus-Berry 1320-B Violin Bridge with Embedded Piezo Pickup, Jack Not Included


Electric Violin Pickup


Fishman Classic Series V-100 Violin Pickup


LR Baggs Violin Pickup, Non Terminated, with shielded cable VWWS USA


Fishman V100 Piezo-Ceramic Violin/Viola Pickup, PRO-V10-0VI


Schatten CV Passive Violin Slide-on-Bridge Pickup with 10 Foot Cable


LR Baggs Violin Pickup, non terminated , with shielded cable USA




Kremona KNA VV-3 Detachable Passive Piezo Violin/Viola Pickup


Elite V-102 Stick-on Pickup for Violin & Viola w/Side-Mounted Clamp-on 1/4" Jack


Fishman V-100 Classic Series Violin Pickup


Fishman V-100 Violin/Viola Wing Slot Bridge Piezo Pickup w/10 Foot Cable


David Gage Steinberger The Realist Soundclip Acoustic Violin Transducer Pickup